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Strengths and weaknesses of Laravel

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the free php framework Laravel. This framework has long been popular in the West, slowly more and more conquering the Russian market. Hire Laravel developer is easy. What makes Laravel so good? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Let us consider in more detail below.

Strengths of Laravel:
- pretty clear and simple documentation
- a strong marketing system. Around is full of tutorials for Laravel, courses, conferences. A lot of programmers and sponsors are involved in all this, which is a definite plus
- the most real plus in Laravel - a flexible routing structure
- The Laravel framework does not have complicated and lengthy constructions, but basically only short and meaningful names of functions
- this php framework has a convenient tool for handling exceptions and errors
- authorization and authentication in Laravel are already built-in, but without difficulty everything can be customized.
- this framework contains a tool for caching web applications using Redis, as well as Memcached
- the Laravel framework has a clean and understandable API

Laravel's weaknesses:
- the clear syntax of this php framework can be not only a plus, but also a minus, since you quickly get used to the good, you can easily forget the correct spelling of clean queries and functions
- broken backward compatibility between different versions of Laravel
- directories and files are not always logically located
- for example, in comparison with the Yii framework, Laravel does not have a built-in page generator for viewing, editing, deleting data records (CRUD generator). In Yii, such a ready-made code generator greatly accelerates the creation of admin panels, but in Laravel such pages need to be created manually.

As we can see, the Laravel framework has more pros than cons. From this we can conclude that this php framework is a modern, logical, thoughtful, intuitive tool for website development.